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Slaughterhouse and meet market

The Meet Market occupies 16.000 m2 of edificated surface and is situated on the territory of 60.000 m2. More than 130 companies are situated in the market including Stables, Slaughterhouse, refrigerating building, room of sales, room of machines, workshops, room of cauldrons and transformers, tunnel of deepfreeze, equine slaughterhouse and cafe - bar.

The slaughterhouse has the most modern facilities to meet the demand of slaughter, in the best hygienic - sanitary conditions of the bovine, porcine, sheep and equine species. These conditions come endorsed by the work of seven official veterinarians and a proper department of quality control. The year 2005 21.545.652 Kg of meet were produced.

Ctra. de Cogullada, 65 • 50014 Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel.: +34 976 464 180 • Fax: +34 976 461 181
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