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The Central Markets Supplement Company of Zaragoza (Mercazaragoza, S.A.) is a compound organisation constituted basically by Municipality of Zaragoza and Mercasa National Company was found in 1968. But it real activity started in 1972.


We can find the social goals of our company in the Social Regulations (Estatutos de la Sociedad) of tenth of September 1992. They are the next:

  1. The promotion, construction and exploitation of Wholesale Central Markets of Zaragoza as well as development of complementary services which provide the better usage of the markets and computability for the customers.

  2. Development and implantation in the areas of Social activities accessorial services for improvement of elemental distribution.
  3. Improvement in all steps of sales of alimentary products.


  • To guarantee the social objects of public service and ensure elemental quality and safety.

  • To represent the best opportunities of business for traders, operators and customers by using the appropriate business conception and accessorial services adapted to the contemporary demands in distribution of foodstuff.

  • Be the first place in the range of fresh food distribution companies.

  • Adaptation, dynamism and evolution toward the new situations in the market.


  • Great team.

  • Leading place in the business sector.

  • Best quality in all our services.
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