Keeping Mercazaragoza
Covid-Free depends on everyone


Is Mercazaragoza fully or partially open?
Mercazaragoza is completely open and maintains its usual service with the supply of foodstuffs guaranteed. The bar is also open, but is subject to specific hostelry covid-19 regulations.

Have the opening hours and days changed?
No, the Foodstuff Unit continues normal service and opening hours.

How can Mercazaragoza be accessed?
To access the Foodstuff Unit, you need to have foodstuff personnel accreditation. This accreditation may be requested at any moment during the site stay and it is recommended it be worn visibly.
This accreditation is personal and non-transferrable. If it is incorrectly used, it will be withdrawn.

If you wish to visit a company located on the site, it should be stated at the entrance and Mercazaragoza Security reserves the right to check the veracity of the meeting.
If you are a member of the press or media, you must request a pass by emailing:

How is Mercazaragoza cleaned and disinfected?
The cleaning service has been strengthened in the Foodstuff Unit with more personnel and during the Markets opening hours cleaning and disinfection is carried out. Once the Markets close, the warehouses and facilities are disinfected using appropriate viricides suitable for food industry use.
Mercazaragoza has decided to increase personnel and increase safety and disinfection procedures with Covid-19, going much further than Health Service regulations and recommendations.
The companies also carry out daily disinfection of their facilities at close of business.

Is it compulsory to wash your hands to enter the Markets?
Yes, to facilitate this, antiseptic soap and paper towels are replaced and refilled regularly.

Is it compulsory to wear a mask to enter the Markets?
Yes. Masks must be worn in the Markets and throughout the Foodstuff Unit.
Remember to cover nose, mouth and chin to meet the requirements.
It is everybody’s responsibility to comply with social distancing of 2 metres and to carry out tasks as quickly as possible.


1. What do I have to do if a company worker shows symptoms compatible with COVID-19, is in isolation at home for COVID-19 or is in quarantine?
The person must not go to work.

2. And if a company employee suddenly begins to show symptoms compatible with the virus?
Place a mask on the individual and follow the recommendations given from telephoning Coronavirus Aragón 976 696 382 / 061 or from a health professional.

3. How does it affect me if there is a clinically confirmed, probable or suspected case?
In the presence of any suspected case of COVID-19, the Health Service will order you to take a PCR test, preferably in the first 24 hours after symptoms appear, and isolation of the specific case. If the patient does not need to be hospitalized the patient will be told to isolate at home.

4. When is it considered a COVID-19 work outbreak?
Any group of 3 or more confirmed cases.

5. When can a company employee return to their post after COVID-19?
To return to work, a PCR test is necessary, in addition to 3 days having passed with no temperature or symptoms and a minimum of 10 days from the first signs of symptoms. If the PCR is negative, the employee may return to work. If the PCR is still positive, the employee may not return to work and will be called for another PCR once 3 more days have passed.

6. Who is considered a close contact?
A person is considered a close contact in the period from 2 days before the case showed signs of symptoms to when the case is isolated and who meets one of the following criteria:

  • Any person who has been in the same location as the positive case, at less than 2 metres distance (e.g. family, co-inhabitants, meals) for more than 15 minutes without adequate protective measures.
  • In long distance journeys, a person is considered a close contact within a radius of two seats of the positive case.
  • If the positive case does not show symptoms, contacts meeting the previous criteria will be investigated from 2 days before the positive PCR was taken.

This information forms part of the regulations of the Government of Aragon, in compliance with the Aragon General Healthcare COVID-19 Plan and Order SAN/474/2020 of 19th of June to combat the heath crisis.